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Within our educational institutions, discussions about bias, diversity, discrimination, and social justice tend to happen mostly in upper grade levels. However, racial identity and attitudes begin to develop in children at a young age.

But there's good news! Bias can be unlearned or reversed if we’re exposed to diversity in a positive way; at Tree House Academy we believe it's important to set this foundation from a young age.


As part of our Social Justice curriculum, our students have participated in a number of class activities to help raise awareness not only in our classrooms, but also our community, about important social justice topics such as LGBTQ+ people and families, race and ethnicity, and human rights to name a few. Take a look at some of our social justice initiatives to learn more!

We welcome our Tree House families to join us in our donation drive to support The Garden of Hope Foundation!

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation

Our students are selling their homemade snacks to our school community to raise money for the charity of their class's choosing. Click to see our charities and how much we raised last year!

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