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It is our firm belief that education starts with parents. Successful students come from families that believe in the ability of their children.

By taking children out of their comfort zone and challenging them, we teach them the skills to adapt to the world around them rather than adjusting the world to fit their needs. It is struggles and failures that offer valuable learning opportunities.

A school should be a place that gives equal weight to creativity and thinking as it does to hard work. Children are not mirror images of each other, and each student should have an environment that allows them to pursue their interests while also being challenged.




Hard work, perseverance, and learning from one’s mistakes are the true building blocks of success; it is this attitude towards learning that Tree House fosters. 

The heart of a great school is not merely students and teachers but also supportive parents. During parent interviews, we take the time to learn about each family. We do this because we must work in partnership with each other. Our learning goals are achieved through a team effort. That is why our selective interview process welcomes those who acknowledge learning doesn't only take place with the child but also with parents.



"It's not that I'm smart," Albert Einstein once said, "it is that I stay with problems longer."

Through struggles we grow and with growth

comes a better sense of self. 

"if we want our children to move mountains, we have to first let them get out of their chairs"
- Nicolette Sowder
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