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Our Social Justice conversations continue from our 'Human Rights' theme in November to our new December theme of 'Class'. We have been diving further into the reality that not everyone has access to the same things or privileges in life that we do. There are a number of organizations in Taiwan, and around the world, that want to help people not only during the holiday season but also year-round. In addition to activities such as having a bake sale to raise money, we have been discussing some other ways we can work together to help these organizations.

This month, our Tree House students and families will have the opportunity to help the community that The Garden of Hope works with by bringing in items for donation that these people may need.

Scroll down to learn more about this foundation and how you can join us in helping others!

Wrapped Gift Boxes

Christmas Donation Drive

'tis the season for giving!

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The Garden of Hope

The Garden of Hope Foundation is a non-government, non-profit group established in 1988 to help disadvantaged girls and young women. Their services include shelters and service centers island-wide providing everything from counseling and temporary housing, to employment training, social work and legal aid.


Their goal is to relieve and rehabilitate misfortuned children, youths, women and their families; promote gender justice, and advocate for social and educational reform; empowering girls and young women so that they can realize their full potential and take charge of their lives.


GOH provides not only aid to those in need but also a support network, companionship, direction for the future, and help in transforming lives.

Get Involved

As GOH works closely with babies and young children they are constantly in need of material donations. For the month of December we will be collecting materials to donate to GOH and the community they serve.


According to the needs of our partner organization, please adhere to the items detailed on the provided list below for all acceptable donation items. As GOH has limited storage space, please limit donations to one item per family. 


It is important to note that all items should be new and unopened. Any perishable items should have a minimum remaining shelf life of six (6) months.

Cardboard Box _edited_edited.jpg


Cardboard Box_edited_edited.jpg


Delivery Men


Delivery Van_edited_edited_edited_edited


Donation Items
  • Instant noodles: bagged instant noodles (any brand)

  • Canned food: corn, gluten, tuna, mackerel

All perishable items must have a minimum remaining shelf life of six (6) months.

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